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eggplantcurse [userpic]


December 13th, 2005 (04:29 am)

current mood: horny

The first porn magazine I ever saw was a Playboy. It was summer and I was walking over a bridge near my house when I was eleven or twelve. I stopped to look over the side and see how high the brook was. I was so hot that I was considering climbing down the bank and going for a swim.

As I looked over the side into the brook I noticed that there was something under the surface of the water. Closer inspection revealed that it was a magazine so I went down to the water to get a closer look. The magazine was fanned open by the flowing water and I could see a lot of body parts that seemed...well, interesting.

I waded into the water and crouched down to pick up the magazine for a closer look. As I lifted it, the pages ripped and it floated back to the stream bed. I tried again, with similar results. The paper had become so delicate that any attempt to lift the magazine out of the water destroyed it. So...I held it underwater and gently looked though it several times. When it was time to get home, I picked a favorite page and pressed it to a piece of flat bark and lifted it out of the water.